A press conference for the Day of writing with Armenian script on the Internet

A press conference was held in the Noyan Tapan press hall on the Day of writing with Armenian script on the Internet. Grigori Saghyan, Vice President and Lianna Galstyan, External Relations Manager of “Internet Society” NGO talked about the current state of the use of the Armenian script on the Internet, National IDN’s on the Internet, obstacles, issues and solutions, using Armenian domain name spreading as a way of promoting writing with Armenian letters on the Internet.

Speaking of the ".հայ" domain name, G. Saghyan noticed that there is a technical problem related to the dot symbol (.), which is not recognized the by the root servers of the international ICANN organization. Lianna Galstyan spoke about current programs and collaborations with the Language Committee and other government agencies.

“Internet Society” NGO cooperates with the Language Committee since July 2018, as a result of which all state agencies and educational institutions get a free ".հայ" domain name.