Internet Technology Center

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    The mission of ITC is to promote the development of the Internet in the Republic of Armenia, as well as .am and .հայ domain name zones.

    Registration Service

    ITC provides high-quality, affordable domain registration services in .am and .հայ domain name zones, regularly improving registration and managing processes.


    Accredits organizations registered in the Republic of Armenia, authorizing them to provide domain name registration services in .am and .հայ domain name zones.

    Technical support

    Provides technical support of DNS, with a private (whois) and personal data privacy tools, as well as DNSSEC and Registrar Lock services.

    Informative service

    Provides the information necessary for the use of domain names registered in the Registry database.


    In order to support and facilitate the development of the Internet technology sector in Armenia, the discussions on technical, legal and other issues with the accredited registrars are regularly organized.


    As in all countries, in Armenia also the domain names have been registered in the (.СОМ) top-level domain zone, before the country was granted .AM domain management. In practice, the right to run country code domain names is conditioned by a country’s ability to meet the technical requirements for domain management, as well as the availability of relevant knowledge and human resources. It became possible to have a domain name zone representing Armenia, when the founders of the American University in Armenia, Mihran Aghababyan, Armen-Ter Kyuregyan, as well as representatives of the Diaspora, Richard Yuat and Ruben Nalbandyan, sent Igor Mkrtumyan, AUA Information Director, to the first INET93 conference. During the mentioned conference the main requirements for the organizations, who had the right to run their country domain name zones were announced. Those organizations should be able to unite the Internet users of the given country in one structure, which would represent the country’s Internet Society and cooperate with foreign organizations. At the same conference the regulation was approved according to which the country code domain zones would be managed by the Internet users community of the given country. So far the official start for the .am domain name zone considers 26.08.1994. The domain name zone .հայ run much later on 5.05.2016. As of today(10 April 2023) there are registered about 44330 .am domain names and more than 1004 domains in .հայ zone.