Regithon 2018

On June 15-16, 2018, Internet Society NGO and Internet Technologies Center LLC launched a two-day meeting with registrars taking place in Multi Rest House in Tsakhkadzor city.

Representatives of all Armenian registrar companies, as well as participants from RA Police and NSS, took part in the inaugural meeting. The outdoor meeting format became an important innovative platform to better get to know each other and to discuss issues concerning the community.

The meeting started with a welcome speech by Arman Nersisyan, Director of Internet Society NGO, noting that the key objective of the meeting should be the defining and adoption of the correct and clear ways of dealing with emerging issues. Among the speakers were Anna Karakhanyan, David Karapetyan, Alexandra Kulikova (ICANN, remotely), Hrachya Hakobyan, Yuri Kargapolov (Ukraine) and Aram Orbelyan.

Topics covered include web security in Armenia, ICANN and WHOIS, domain name registration policy, Ukrainian experience of domain name disputes, arbitration rules for domain name dispute resolution. The discussions were summed up with confidence to hold such meetings regularly enabling to seek joint solutions to raised issue in a more relaxed and trustworthy atmosphere.

To sum up, we look forward to effective work with all registrars and we intend to further deepen cooperation and engagement within the community.