This year, the Internet Technology Center together with the “Internet Society” NGO hosted the “Regithon 2023,” an annual working meeting that brought together, the registry, and registrars. The event, which took place on July 1, focused on collaborative discussions among the management organization and registrars responsible for .am and .հայ domains. The topics covered during the meeting included various technical, legal, and operational aspects related to domain management.

The main focus of the meeting centered on discussing the potential growth and development of the .հայ domain. Igor Mkrtumyan, the chairman of the “Internet Society” NGO board, emphasized the strategic significance of promoting and widespread adoption of the national domain for the country. To achieve this objective, Armenia has actively participated in the “Universal Acceptance” global movement, represented by the “Internet Society” NGO. This demonstrates the country’s commitment to aligning with worldwide efforts aimed at expanding the opportunities for utilizing the Armenian domain. Similar to global trends, Armenia is also taking proactive measures to enhance the usability and accessibility of the .հայ domain within its borders.

During the meeting, the progress made in the registration and launch of the Armenian e-mail system was shared. The initial tests have yielded positive results, indicating a promising future for the recognition and acceptance of Armenian e-mail and information in the Armenian language on a global scale. However, it was acknowledged that this process requires further effort.

Before proceeding with the implementation, it is crucial to raise awareness among the public about the significance of developing the national Armenian script domain. Additionally, technical preparations must be diligently undertaken to ensure the smooth functioning of all systems involved in the process. Once these steps are accomplished, the path to global recognition and adoption of the Armenian e-mail system and information in the Armenian language will be well-established.

The meeting proposed the registrars enhance their collaboration by actively participating in public awareness campaigns and organizing joint initiatives. Topics covered during the discussion included domain registration matters, improvements to registrars’ online platforms, and the exploration of international cooperation programs in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).