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How to register a domain in .am or .հայ domain zones?

Make sure your preferred domain is free

You can learn more regarding domain names registration policy and technical requirements here

Choose the registrar from the list provided below

To register the domain name just go to the registrar’s website or you can visit the office personally

Damian name in .am or .հայ zones is registered for one year at least and it can be extended further. After the domain expires the owner has 45 days to renew it.

How to transfer a domain in .am or .հայ domain zones?

The transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another in .am/ .հայ domain zones is done based on the authorization code, which the current registrar provides to the domain’s owner. Then the authorization code has to be sent to the gaining registrar to initiate the transfer.

The owner of the domain registered in .am/ .հայ domain zones can also generate a transfer code with the following link, if has access to the e-mail address specified in the registry’s database.

Domains registered in .am/.հայ domain zones may be transferred only 60 days after registration.

How to update the owner of a domain in .am or .հայ domain zones?

The domain’s owner update in .am or .հայ domain zones is initiating based on the letter signed by the owner. The ID card of the owner is required while applying for owner change. The scan copy of the documents has to be provided to the current registrar.

According to the charter disputes connected with domain names registered in .am or .հայ domain zones go to arbitrate.

According to the regulations the owner change of domain names in .am or .հայ zones considers as a new registration and the registration and expiration dates are updated, once the registry accepts the owner change.